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Intangible Press ebook conversion

At Intangible Press, we understand the special requirements of reference ebooks and know how to produce the best word lookup experience possible on an e-reader platform. When we handle your ebook conversion project, you can be assured you will be working with experienced professionals who will pay close attention to these areas:

  • Identifying all words that should be searchable in an entry (headwords, variants, run-ons, etc.), and making sure that they are searchable
  • Enabling inflected form lookup in both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries
  • Ensuring that IPA and other special characters are displayed correctly and attractively on screen
  • Using optimal ebook compression, resulting in faster download speeds and fewer customer service problems

We strive to convert your content completely accurately and to make its on-screen layout attractive and readable. Your ebooks should be of as high a level of quality as your print books, and we will treat them as an integral part of your product line, rather than a sideline.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your ebook conversion project.

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