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Intangible Press about us

1 Intangible Press is a dictionary ebook publisher dedicated to broadening the range of dictionaries available for Amazon Kindle. Our dictionaries feature high-quality content from trusted names in reference like Collins and Porto Editora. We use our extensive experience in e-reference publishing to ensure our dictionaries take full advantage of Kindle's word lookup features, thereby making e-reading a richer and more enjoyable experience for our customers.

2 Publishers can take advantage of our expertise in e-reader reference by working with us as a licensing partner or making use of our conversion services.

3 Intangible Press was founded in 2009 by Jeff Alexander, a veteran of Franklin Electronic Publishers. Jeff has 20 years of experience in electronic publishing working with EPUB, Kindle, Mobipocket, and Franklin ebook formats. At Franklin, he managed content and software development teams, led the development of a Japanese handheld dictionary line with integrated Mobipocket software, and helped launch the Franklin Global SpellEvent, the first international spelling contest for students of English.

4 Intangible Press is based in Philadelphia, USA.

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