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Intangible Press ebook licensing and publishing

The market for ebooks is growing rapidly in some countries, while in others it is still in its infancy. A consumer may be able to buy an e-reader device in her country, but only purchase ebooks from a bookstore in another one. Dictionary lookup is a supported feature on some devices and not others. Ebook markets and technologies are in a state of ferment, evolving very quickly.

The situation is very confusing for publishers trying to decide if and how to venture into the marketplace. Partnering with Intangible Press can make it much simpler for you. We are interested in licensing quality reference titles in a wide range of languages. You focus on providing quality content, while we handle conversion costs and keep track of changing technology and retail networks for you. Our experience in reference publishing means you can trust us to produce ebooks at a high level of quality and functionality.

Please contact us if you would like to begin a discussion on licensing ebook rights.

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